This post will describe how to embed a paper or presentation in a portfolio post as a PDF. There are different instructions for including an image in your portfolio post, and embedding a video.

Generally speaking, a portfolio artifact is any document that provides evidence of the experience you are describing in your portfolio post. This could be a paper, presentation, image, video, link to another website, or any other type of media you can think of.

To embed a paper or presentation in your portfolio post:

Save the document as a PDF. Most programs have PDF as a file type in their “Save as…” menu. If you need help with saving as a PDF, the STA desk can help you.

04_01_add_mediaClick the Add Media button in the upper-left corner of the posts editor.  The Insert Media window will open.

Select a previously uploaded PDF from the gallery on that screen, or select “Upload Files” to browse for a new PDF and upload it to your Media Library.04_02_upload

04_02_insert_intoWhen you’ve selected the PDF you want to embed, click the “Insert into post” button in the lower-left corner of the Insert Media window.

A shortcode will appear in your post’s content editor, and it’s important that you do not delete or introduce any typos into this code. You’ll know it’s a  shortcode because it begins and ends with [ ]. The shortcode for the PDF I’ve embedded on this page looks like this in my content editor:


And here is what the successfully embedded PDF will look like.

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