If you are in a course that requires you use your portfolio to complete assignments, you probably need to incorporate a tag that will add a link to your portfolio post to the course’s website. For the Spring 2017 semester*, these classes are, and the tags you will need to include in them are:

Computing with Mobile Phones

  • cpsc110discussion
  • cpsc110reflection
  • cpsc110project

Writing for a Digital World

  • rhet125

Digital Rhetoric

  • engl802

To add a tag to your assignment post, enter the copy and paste the text above into the post’s Tags box (usually on the left hand side, below the categories box. You should only need to type the text the first time you enter a post – on return visits, a list of popular tags will be available to you and you can select the tag you want to use.Tags box

*Research Methods and Information Resources (COLL 220) and the Trinity Portfolio Workshop (COLL 199) both use portfolios, but do not require tags. See the course Moodle site for more information.

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