The front page of your portfolio site will have placeholder content. Usually, students use this page for a biography or mission statement, but you can put any content of your site.

image of edit page button

To change the content of this page, click the “Edit Page” button in the WordPress Dashboard Bar at the top of the screen.

The posts you add to your portfolio site will automatically be added to the space below this content window. That’s because all posts are automatically assigned to a “Featured Posts” category (unless you specify a different category) and the front page of your site is where you want your featured content to appear. You can specify what posts appear here by adding them to the Featured Posts category, or removing them from it.

Are you seeing comments showing up in your portfolio, even though you have them turned off under Settings/Discussion? This is probably the filler ‘Hello world!’ post that was added when your site was created. To turn off (or on) comments on an individual post, hover over the post title in the listing, and then select Quick Edit. This opens a frame, where you can choose categories, publishing status, etc. Uncheck the boxes for ‘Allow Comments’ and ‘Allow Pings’ to remove the commenting functionality from your post.

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