Adding Categories to Menus

Adding a new category to your posts doesn’t mean that the Category Archive page for that category will be automatically accessible. You need to add the Category Archive page to your site’s menu. It may seem like an extra step, but ultimately, this will give you more freedom to change how your portfolio site’s navigation works. You might want wait until a category has three posts before you add it to your site’s navigation; you may want to remove certain categories from your navigation at different points in time.


  1. Make sure the first “Categories” option is checked in your Screen Options Tray. You can close this tray when you’re done.
  2. Make sure you’ve selected the menu you want to add your Category to is selected. For most portfolios, this is called “Portfolio General”.
  3. Open the Categories content type menu.
  4. Select the categories you wan to add to your menu and…
  5. …click “Add to menu.”
  6. Categories you’ve selected will appear in the Menu Structure window. You can rearrange your menus by using the crosshairs to drag and rearrange them.
  7. Make sure that the primary Theme location is checked. This varies depending on the theme you have chosen, but it should be something like “Primary Menu” or “Main Navigation”
  8. When you’re done, be sure to click “Save Menu.”

You can also change a category’s navigation label (without changing the name of the category) from this screen, or remove items from the menu, by expanding the category option in the menu structure window:


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