Teamwork is integrated in every aspect of your Trinity experience. You may be on an actual athletic or extra-curricular team, or you may have classes with assignments that require you to work on group projects. Almost every club and organization on campus requires some level of teamwork. These opportunities are ideal for including in your portfolio, no matter what your post-Trinity plans are.

Take a look at your content inventory, to find an experience where you were required to collaborate with peers on a project, or to achieve a common goal. Athletics, obviously, qualify as teamwork, but so do many other experiences!

Ask yourself the following questions about the experience, and take some notes for your portfolio post:

  • What challenges did working on a team present you with? How did you overcome these challenges?
  • What benefits did working on a team give you?
  • Did working on a team reveal anything unexpected about yourself?
  • How did your contributions to your team make a difference in the overall outcome?

Now, consider your intended portfolio audience. What questions might that audience have about your work? Jot down some notes about that.

You should now be well-equipped to compose a short reflection on teamwork, and add this experience to your site.

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