Your site’s front page (also sometimes called a “landing” page) is probably going to be the most visited page on your portfolio site. Despite it’s importance, many of us struggle with what to include on that page.

Students frequently leave the placeholder “front page” content live on their site when they have already began sharing posts. The first thing visitors ask themselves when they see placeholder content on a front page of a website is “Is this a real site?” That’s not a question you want the visitors to your site, who you may not know asking themselves. Of course it’s a real site! It may be under development, but you don’t want anyone to question it’s authenticity.

It’s difficult to craft a summary, biography or mission statement while you’re still undergoing the process of building your portfolio. You may only have a few posts that you want to share, or you might be in the early stages of your Trinity journey.

Fortunately, there are a few simple adjustments you can make to let the content you adding your portfolio do the work of setting up your front page. Here are a few things you can do to make the front page of your portfolio site ready for a larger audience.

  • Delete the placeholder text. Completing this simple task is a key first step in getting your front page ready.
  • Update the site tagline. Replacing the “My starter portfolio” site tagline with something that better describes yourself and your portfolio site – or deleting the text entirely, is the second most crucial change you can make.
  • Use the “Featured Posts” category to populate the front page post index. The content in your portfolio really says a lot about you – make sure you’re using the Featured Posts category to your best advantage on the front page.
  • Include a short biography. This can be as little as “Class of 2020, Trinity College, Hartford CT.” Be sure you aren’t revealing too much personal information in your biography.

Like the rest of your portfolio, your front page will evolve as you add more content. You should revisit your front page content every semester.

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