Choosing colors for your portfolio can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are lots (and lots, and lots, and lots…) of resources you can use to help you get started.

You really only need one color choice for your site. The design of the theme you chose should work well enough with one distinguishing color, but in most cases you can chose two or three colors for different elements.

If you have a color scheme in mind, that’s great. If you don’t have a color scheme in mind, you may be confused about where to start. Everyone should review the fundamentals of color choice and theory. This playlist can help everyone better understand the choices that go into color choice, and can inspire you if you need a little help figuring out where to start.

You will most likely need a “HEX” code for your color choices (the color picker in the Customizer is good, but not great). There are lots of resources for choosing colors, but Adobe Color CC has a huge selection of designer-curated color palettes that you can use for your site. The slideshow below shows you how to get colors from Adobe CC and apply them to your site.

It’s going to take some trial and error testing to get colors that you want for your site. Jotting down the HEX codes you like on some scrap paper can be very helpful, since there is no history in the Customizer.

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