Forbes. (April 7, 2016). “How Technological Advancements In Animation Force A Focus On Storytelling.”

A question was asked on Quora, “How have the improvements in animation technology influenced animated storytelling?” The question was answered by KC McLaughlin, a freelancer at Tall Guy Films. McLaughlin explained that modern animation, i.e. digital animation, has historically been limited due to technological constraints. Animators have been limited in what they could include in a story due to shortcomings in the available technology. In other words, the story has to be altered and made less complex in order to animate it. He gave the example of Toy Story. Andy didn’t have a dad in the movie simply because adding another human to the story would have made the creation of the movie too complex. The technology at that time was not robust enough. As technology advances, so does the complexity of the stories one can tell through animation. The more technology improves, the more storytellers have to increase the quality of the story itself instead of relying on the animation carrying the film. This is a double edged sword – as the ability to create whatever one can imagine through animation improves, so does the need to tell a better story.

McLaughlin summed it up nicely saying “I think there’s simply not much you can do to wow an audience in an animated film since it’s intrinsically an art form where anything is possible. This forces a focus on storytelling.”