The name of our app would be Track It.┬áThis would fall under a weight loss or a calorie counter application that will allow the user to select from food groups to get an estimate on the amount of calories they are consuming on a given day.┬áThis will be socially useful because it will allow the users to keep track of their calories and it will be stored so that they can see their improvement overtime. It will also display encouraging facts or tips that will keep the user motivated to eat healthy.Our intended audience is anyone who is trying to track their calories for losing or gaining weight depending on the scenario. This can apply to any age who wants to keep track of their weight. It will primarily be used by people roughly 17 and up because they know the significance of tracking calories.This app differentiates from other apps because it will allow the user to pick from a predetermined selection of food and have the option to enter food that isn’t listed into the application. It will also display encouraging advice and facts about eating healthy to keep the user motivated. The TinyWebDB will be used to record the total calories a person enters on a given day. Buttons, Labels, Text boxes, If/then statements, TinyWebDB, procedures, global variables, PRNGs and loops.