For each of the 5 bugs in the Caesar Cipher app, explain what the bug was, how to fix it, and the type of error (semantic or syntax). If you wish, you can take a picture of your corrected blocks and then annotate it to identify and describe the bugs you fixed.
Bug 1: CaesarEncrrypt was returning the alphabet instead of ciphertext had to the return value to ciphertext. syntax
Bug 2: CaesrEncrypt was going to the wrong location. it was returning to plaintext box instead TextBoxCiphertext. So I changed the set to TextBoxciphertex for the event
Bug 3: Decrypt returning ciphertext instead of plaintext. Set return value to plaintext syntax
Bug 4:The function was looping through the whole alphabet instead of the length of the text being inputted to the function. the fix was to change the loop to just going the length of plaintext. syntax
Bug 5: decrypt button returning error if less than the length of five. the decrpyt function was only set for a length of 5 instead of the length of the ciphertext. Set the length of the for loop to the length of ciphertext. Semantic