1. Include a screenshot of your app’s face drawing and the code involved showing the use of a loop and a procedure. You can take a screenshot on most Android devices by pressing the power button and the volume down button at the same time and then emailing the photo from the gallery to yourself.
  2. Can you draw a triangle with this set of Logo commands? Discuss how or why not.
    Note: “…this set of Logo commands” refers to the commands available in the app (forward, turn, penUp, penDown, etc.) No you cannot draw a triangle because its only 90 degree angles.
  3. If you were designing the Logo language, how would you change some of our basic commands so that it would be easy to draw a triangle and easier to draw other shapes — i.e., what should the basic commands do that would make drawing easier? a.I would make it so that the coder had the ability to change the degree in which you were able to turn so that you could make other shapes.
  4. What weaknesses do you find in using the procedures (the abstractions) we gave you — forward, turn — for drawing simple shapes? How would you change the definitions of these procedures to make it easier to draw shapes? Give a specific example that illustrates how a more powerful set of procedures would improve the app. The procedure as is right now is limited as you can only go forward and then turn right or left 90 degrees but it could be improved by saying go forward and then turn right x degrees allowing you to make other shapes.