Track It Write Up

Track It Developed by: Keith Martin ( and Brett Stevenson ( Programming Language: App inventor          …

Track It Draft 3


Track it Draft 2


Track it AIA


Project 3 Track It Psuedocode

When App initializes start screen will appear. When Button “Get Started!” Clicked User goes to screen detail screen User enters…

Project 3 Proposal- Track It

The name of our app would be Track It. This would fall under a weight loss or a calorie counter application…

Keith Martin Website

My website

Recyclable Final Write Up

Project Write Up:*protected email*&ts=5a05a726&actionButton=1    

Market Testing Project 2

Market Testing of Recyclable by Matt Siems and Steve Cerrone

AIA File draft for Recyclable

Recylable.AIA We worked on setting up the basic UI components and have created blocks for a number of the core…

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