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Track It Write Up

Track It Developed by: Keith Martin ( and Brett Stevenson ( Programming Language: App inventor          …

Track It Draft 3


Less 5.9 Reflection

How do web search tools make it more efficient to find information? Search tools are constantly exploring the web even…

Lesson 7.8 Blown to Bits Questions

In what ways do national security and individual privacy sometimes conflict? Sometimes whats best for national security it to breach…

Track it Draft 2


Track it AIA


Lesson 7.5 Reflection

What is DNS and how does it work? How does DNS help you connect to a web server like Amazon?…

Project 3 Track It Psuedocode

When App initializes start screen will appear. When Button “Get Started!” Clicked User goes to screen detail screen User enters…

Lesson 7.4 Reflection

(POGIL Activity 1) How does the geographical distance between the source and destination hosts on a network affect latency? Logically…

Project 3 Proposal- Track It

The name of our app would be Track It. This would fall under a weight loss or a calorie counter application…

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