• Explain the meaning of the statements shown here, both in pseudocode and App Inventor. For example, suppose the variable X has the value 10 before the statement is executed. What value would it have after the statement is executed.
  • The value of X would be reduced by 10 so whether it is for example the size of the dots when it is switched to 1 the dots that you created would be much smaller it also works in the aspect of time 10 could be in seconds and making it 1 would make the X variable one second depending on the program.
    Set X to X + 1
  • One aspect of abstraction is that it helps to reduce details to focus on what’s relevant. How does the use of a variable, such as dotsize, instead of a value, such as ‘5’, help to reduce detail and focus on what is essential in this program.
  • The variable 5 alone has no units so it is difficult to see the change, but in the case of dotsize it is very straight forward and makes the program simpler to use by using less blocks and knowing the specific operation it is completing.