1. In your own words, describe what event driven programming is. What event handler was used in the I Have a Dream app? How was it used? – Event driven programming is the act of programming is when the program you are creating is activating by a series of button clicks. For example in the I Have a Dream App it is used to play the speech when the picture is clicked. This is also an example of user events.
  2. Is it possible to create an app without event driven programming? Explain. -Yes for example time and location could be used to create an application.
  3. What components make up the User Interface (UI) for the I Have A Dream app?- The buttons the labels, the sound and the images make up the UI.
  4. What are some of the elements that make up the UI for a car? A vending machine?- For a car the elements that make the UI would be steering wheel the dashboard, the window buttons etc. and a vending machine the UI would be the buttons you press to pick a snack.

2.4 Martin Luther King (Cont.)

  1. What components make up the User Interface (UI) for this enhanced version of the I Have A Dream app? The images, the buttons, the speeches/ audio
  2. computational or digital artifact is something created by a human using a computer. We’ve just created a mobile app, which is certainly an example of such a artifact. Give at least 3 examples from your own experience of computational artifacts that you’ve created—images, videos, presentations, mash-ups—and describe the software you used to create them.- Created presentations using Microsoft power point, Created spreadsheets in excel and made playlists using Spotify.