Main Menu:

Initialize screen.Donate

When buttonClaim.Click
Initialize screen.Claim


When buttonDonate.Click
Initialize screen Item_Registration

When screen.initialize Item_Registration
Display 5 labels in vertical arrangement
Display 5 text boxes in vertical arrangement
Display Submit button
Display Back button

When buttonSubmit.Click
If textboxes Empty
Display Error Message
Else Display Affirmation message and Store “Item Category” Field in Tag

Initialize Screen People’s Resource


Claim Screen:

When ScreenRecieve Initialize
Display label, textbox and search button

When textbox.Tapped
Initialize Keyboard

When buttonSearch.clicked
Search Database for matching entries

Search all Entries

After all entries searched
Show all relevant results (as buttons)

When buttonAvailableItem.Click
Initialize ScreenItem


Item Found Screen:

When Screen.Initialize
Display button Claim

When buttonClaim.clicked
Remove item from database
Display contact info (or something else)