• In what ways do national security and individual privacy sometimes conflict?
      National security is in jeopardy when all people in the country have unlimited privacy because they could be scheming to do any amount of bad things. 
    • What does it mean to say that the government would like to have a back door to the encrypted data on a mobile phone?
      It means that they would like to have an override ability if they get certain authorization from the court system when they are dealing with any encrypted device.
    • How do you know that an encrypted web transaction is taking place when you visit a website?
      there must be an “s” in https. The s stands for secure, which means any website you are doing your transaction on is encrypted and safe to put your credit card information in.
    • What is the Bitcoin payment system and how does it work? Be sure to include how it uses cryptography.
      It is a decentralized currency which means no government is in control of it. It uses cryptography to manage it’s transactions. That means no one can access that information and makes it secure.