1. Describe the significance of the global variable index. How is indexing used with lists in this app?
    The index variable allows us to link all the lists together. Index 2 of one list corresponds with the index 2 of the other lists. So calling the answer of index 2 questions calls the index 2 answer.
  2. Describe how parallel lists were used in this app. Why was the parallel structure of the lists necessary?
    The lists coordinated it so that the app was able to have all three components (image, question, and answer) linked in the same order. If they were mismatched, the app would make no sense.
  3. Include screenshots of your code for exercises 2 and 3 from the Enhancements section.

    Display Correct Answer:

    Random Button:

  4. Include a screenshot of the code that added your extra question (exercise 4). Explain why the code for the buttons worked without any changes after the addition of the extra question.

    It worked without changing anything because we set the index to include any number of questions and answers. It automatically made the max index 4 instead of 3 because the index was set to items in list.