Double Entry Journal:

Part 2:
Phone – 30 times
Computer – 6 times
Microwave – Once
Digital clock (?) – Many many times
Projector – 2 times
Lights – Many, many times
Shower (?) – Twice
It would be really hard to go a whole day without using any type of computer. However, I could still read, go to the gym, and play sports, which are all things that take up quite a bit of my days.

Part 3:
Two basic morals for technology:
One: Technology is neither inherently good or bad, it is just used in certain ways
Two: Technology brings social change, which could be good or bad. We have a role in deciding which way it goes through our actions the pressure we put on corporations and governments who are in the drivers seat.
In order to manage the ethics of technology, it’s use must be regulated but it’s creation shouldn’t be restricted or banned.
The government can look through all “innocent,” info we have to search for terrorist clues… Suspect.
The Internet is great but it has also created new types of human evil. These human evils often haven’t been implemented into federal law, so it is almost like a land with few or no rules.

Reflection questions:

  1. What is a bit and what does it mean to say that “it’s all just bits”? (Koan 1) Give examples of two things today that are stored as bits.
    A bit is the smallest unit of information stored on computers. All information on computers is made of bits, so saying “it’s all just bits,” refers to that. Phone calls and text messages are both made of bits.
  2. Describe Moore’s Law in your own words.
    Moore’s Law basically says that computers were getting twice as fast each year. This held true for several decades but is not longer the case.
  3. Give an example of how the digital explosion is “neither good nor bad” but has both positive and negative implications.
    Technology does not make any choices. It just exists.  The same technology that allows our emails to be mostly private allows terrorists to create plans privately as well. The technology does not favor either side, it is just how people use it that creates positive or negative effects.
  4. Find and summarize a news article that talks about the positive or negative impacts of a computing innovation. Is the technology itself positive or negative? Or have people used the technology in positive and/or negative ways?
    This article talks about how semiconductors are becoming more efficient. Semiconductors are in just about every piece of modern technology. Our current semiconductors’ signals were getting caught in what are called dopant, which is a material added to the main ingredient silicone, and together they make up semiconductors. An experiment was done that found that the signals are getting caught. Now they can act accordingly and make our devices faster and better. This chemistry or electrochemsitry, or whatever it is, does not try to speed up or slow down our electronics. It merely does. So people are making this breakthrough positive, not the technology.