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This is a journal of progress as I been a master programmer!!


Project 3 Written Report

Part 1: Final App Distribution: Video Link .AIA file .APK file Barcode: Part 2: Introduction to our App: Developers: Hunter…

Project 3 Draft 2

AIA file Market Testing: App Name: People’s Resource Dev Names: Hunter Moore and Felix Cavan Market Testing Conductor: Both Consumer’s…

Project 3 Draft 1

AIA file  

Project 3 Pseudocode

Main Menu: When Initialize screen.Donate When buttonClaim.Click Initialize screen.Claim Donate When buttonDonate.Click Initialize screen Item_Registration When screen.initialize Item_Registration Display…

Project #3 Proposal

Our app is called People’s Resource. It will have three screens. A home screen that has two buttons directing the…


My HTML Page

Project #2 Written Report (Trash Organizer)

10/10/17 Section 1: App Distribution and Download for Users AIA file APK file QR code: Section 2: General Information Video…

Project 2 Market Test

Project 2 Draft

Here is the APK File for our new game: Trash Organizer! Enjoy! AIA

Project 2 Pseudo Code

Start Button When Initialize Screen Start When screen.initialize Start Display 20 random sprites. Display Scoreboard Display Bins Display Main…

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