What is metadata? Give an example of how a piece of metadata could increase the usefulness of an image or document.

Metadata is information about an electronic document. An example is the file name or the “last modified date” of a file.

What is a model?

A model is a photograph represented in bits.

What’s the difference between a raster image and an ASCII representation of a text document?

A raster image is an image representation based on a division into pixels. ASCII is a collection of 8 bit codes used to represent a string of symbols/letters.

What are filename extensions? What are they used for?

A filename extension is the 3 letters after the dot at the end of a filename. They are used to indicate how the contents are to be interpreted.

What is lossless representation? What is lossy representation? What are the trade-offs in using each representation?

A lossless representation is one that allows exactly the same image to be rendered (no data lost) and a lossy representation allows an approximation of the same image to be rendered (some data lost). Positive impacts for lossless representations include no data loss, however that makes the file size larger and takes longer to be interpreted. Lossy representations have smaller file sizes and can be interpreted in a shorter amount of time, however the quality of the document is not as good since some data is lost.

What is steganography and what is it used for? Describe in your own words the steganographic algorithm used in the activity.

Steganography is the art of sending secret messages in imperceptible ways. It is used for including secret (but decipherable) messages along with other data so that only a number of specific people can read the secret message.

What would you have to do to delete a document from your computer so that it could not possibly be read by anyone else?

In order to delete a document so that it cannot be read by anyone else, you have to delete it and execute an “Empty Trash” command, which writes over the old data, effectively destroying it.

What is free and open source software? Provide an example.

Software that can be classified as both free software and open source software, That is, anyone is freely licensed to use, copy, study, and change the software in any way. Examples include Linux and Apache HTTP Server.

Free Response:

1. How has retouching become a controversial issue? Give an example.

Retouching has become a controversial issue because it can be used to edit and drastically change images from their original form. Retouching is commonly used in modeling magazines.

2. Would you rather own a camera (or camera phone) with a higher number of megapixels or lower? Explain.

I would rather own a camera with more megapixels because the more there are in an image, the better the quality is.

3. Other than digital images, what might be an example of a computer model? Explain your answer based on the definition of a model.

A video is an example of a computer model because it is a bunch of images attached and played at a high speed.