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Set up your Trinity Portfolio site

Domain of One’s Own Starting in Spring 2018, we are encouraging students to use our new site to create…

Add portfolio posts

Once you have successfully logged in to your Trinity Portfolio, there are a few ways to  add new portfolio posts.

Upload a paper, presentation or other portfolio artifact

This post will describe how to embed a paper or presentation in a portfolio post as a PDF. There are different…

Set up your navigation menu

Adding Categories to Menus Adding a new category to your posts doesn’t mean that the Category Archive page for that…

Use the “Featured Posts” category

All of the “2.0” themes will automatically put any post you do not specify a category for in the “Featured Posts”…

Set up your front page

Your site’s front page (also sometimes called a “landing” page) is probably going to be the most visited page on…

Remove the “My starter portfolio” from your site

The “My starter portfolio” text is the default tagline of your site. You should change this. You can do this…

Modify and update your HPAP portfolio

This video will help you get started adding content and organizing your HPAP portfolio.

Edit your portfolio & access the WordPress Dashboard

Once you’ve created your Trinity Portfolio site, you can access the WordPress Dashboard from a variety of entry points.

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