In short - it's your website. In your portfolio, you'll collect your Trinity experiences and document them in portfolio posts. Then, you'll connect them to each other, using categories, tags and navigation menus.

Creating a Trinity Portfolio is a way to:

  • reflect on your academic accomplishments,
  • highlight the importance of your athletic and extra-curricular activities
  • share your accomplishments with family, friends, professional contacts and graduate programs

By building a portfolio, you'll develop resume-worthy technical experience and demonstrate critical thinking skills. You'll also create a tool that will help you and your advisor understand what Trinity experiences are most valuable to you, and highlight areas where you may need additional coursework and extra-curricular involvement.

When should I start my portfolio?

The sooner the better! Your perspectives on experiences will change over time, and the earlier you document them, the less you'll have to catch-up at the end of your time here. Even if you don't have many experiences you want to document and share, it's good to develop a portfolio practice early in your time at Trinity.

workWhat should I put in my portfolio?

Anything you want! Some courses may ask that you post assignments to your portfolio, but you can include any assignment or project you think is important. The story your portfolio tells is entirely yours to create! Academic, extra-curricular, social, athletic, travel, community and professional experiences can all be included in your portfolio The Creating Content section of this site has activities and resources you can use to begin crafting your portfolio.

What should I use my portfolio for?

You may want to create a portfolio to share with your advisors, so you can strategize your learning experiences, or you may want to create a portfolio to share with your family and friends in response to that dreaded "So, what have you been doing at college?" question. You might want a portfolio to apply for post-Trinity experiences, like jobs and graduate programs, or you might want to create a portfolio to showcase a particular skill or talent. There are hundreds of possibilities.

picturevideo2What types of content?

Almost any content, from text to pictures, videos and audio files, can be incorporated into your portfolio. Maps, data visualizations, timelines, podcasts - any kind of digital story can be incorporated. The How-To section of this site has instructions for all kinds of content, and is an excellent resource for inspiration.

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